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Login and check the Trash4Goods recycling locations near you
Correctly dispose your waste and start winning Eco-Tokens on the app
Trade your tokens to get products and discounts. When you recycle, we all win!

A more rewarding way to save the planet

Turn your recycling into rewards

Find your nearest recycling bin and earn points for each bottle, can or electronic device you dispose. Trade your points in our marketplace to earn some cool rewards.

Find your nearest location

Ready to bring Trash4Goods recycling closer to your neighborhood? Share the address or coordinates of nearby eco-bins to earn points effortlessly while making a real difference!

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Start earning points!

Go to one of our recycling locations or participate in some of our events to unlock points. Each day you will receive points for visiting these locations at least three times a day. Some are worth more than other so keep an eye out there!

More Gamification (coming after release)

Unlock achievements, challenges and see your progress as you evolve and become part of the Raccoon gang!
Form a team and achieve group quests and win competitions to become the true kings and queens of recycling! Ah.. and also to win some special prizes for each one ;)
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Are you looking for a reward system for your business or for your municipality?

Integrate with your own App!

Seamlessly integrate Trash4Goods with existing loyalty programs and client apps through our white-label API.
We empower businesses to enhance their offerings with our sustainable incentives and recycling rewards fostering brand loyalty and customr engagement

Reward Management

At Trash4Goods, we take the hassle out of reward management for our clients. Our platform handles rewards internally, alleviating the burden from our client's side. With a vast network of partners already onboard, there's no need for our clients to reach out and establish partnerships for rewards.

Increase engagement!

Encourage user engagement and environmental care with Trash4Goods. Our platform gamifies the recycling experience, making it fun, accessible, and rewarding for users.
By promoting sustainable actions in an eco-friendly manner, we empower individuals to make a positive impact on the environment while enjoying the benefits of active participation.

Ready to make a change 4 Good(s)?

Reach us out through our contacts!
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